1966 Hemi Coronet for sale

Overdrive.fi on harrasteautoiluun keskittyvä verkkosivusto, joka tarjoaa sisältöä harrastajien ja rakentajien tarpeisiin. Epäasiallinen ja loukkaava sisältö, joka rikkoo sivuston käyttöehtoja, poistetaan. Näin eivät myöskään poliittinen keskustelu ja aiheet sinne kuulu. Harrastus on yhteinen poliittisesta kannasta riippumatta. Overdriven yleiset käyttöehdot löytyvät täältä, ja on hyvä muistaa, että jokainen keskustelija on rikos- ja vahingonkorvausoikeudellisessa vastuussa omien viestiensä sisällöstä.

Ketju osiossa 'Mopar B-Bodyt', aloittaja Projektipäällikkö, 11.1.2010.

  1. Tällainen tuli ison veden takaa sähköpostiini. En tiedä keneltä, mutta autoa tässä kaupitellaan:

    "If you or anyone you know of are interested in purchasing my car please let me know. Enjoy this.


    NUMBERS MATCHING V.I.N. tag, fender tag, and broadcast sheet and have been decoded with the use of Galen Govier's white books. All of the Hemi specific tell tale signs are there. I welcome personal inspections.

    V.I.N. WE21H67140*** This decodes as W=Dodge Coronet, E=Economy price class, 21=2 door sedan, H=Hemi engine, 6=1966 model year, 7=St. Louis assembly plant. The last three digits not shown for security purposes.

    When is the last time you saw a 1966 BASE Coronet 2 door sedan?
    When is the last time you saw one with a factory installed 426 dual quad HEMI?
    When is the last time you saw one with a factory installed 4 speed?
    Have you EVER seen one?
    Well, if you haven't you are probably not alone as they only built ELEVEN of them when they were new. Other than mine, I have NEVER seen another one in person and I have been around old Mopars for over 40 years. This is an ULTRA RARE car. The 2 door sedans are the very sought after, no nonsense, lighter, stronger body, that the racers looked for in a race car.

    Additionally, since I have owned this car I have been trying to find other WE21H cars with a factory equipped 4 speed. To date I have found 3 others I have confirmed. A twin to my car in colors, a dark Blue with a Blue interior, a Black with Tan interior, A rumor of another dark Blue one, and have been told that there is a Red one back east somewhere but have never been able to confirm it. If anyone knows of another one of these cars I would like to hear about it.


    1. ORIGINAL ENGINE date code correct 1966 Hemi engine.
    (they did not put the V.I.N. on the engine in 1966)
    2. Complete NHRA Stock Eliminator class legal rebuilt.
    The engine is balanced, blueprinted, and built to
    maximum potential for the class. $20K was spent doing so.
    3. Original intake without heat riser tubes.
    4. Original rebuilt 66 hemi carbs.
    5. Original recored 66 Hemi radiator.
    6. Hooker Super Comp headers.
    7. Full exhaust with turn down tail pipes at the rear.
    8. X pipe and side dumps at the front bypassing the
    remaining system for opened headers at the strip.
    9. MSD 6AL box and distributor
    10. This car should run high 10's

    1. A rebuilt, slick shifted, original Chrysler Hemi 18 spline
    4 speed trans.
    2. New Hurst Competition Plus shifter.
    3. A new short throw "E" body Pistol Grip shifter handle.

    1. Ram Clutches 10.5" 1200 lb. adjustable clutch set up
    2. Lakewood blowproof scattershield.

    1. Original 1966 Dana rear end completely rebuilt.
    2. Detroit Locker.
    3. 4.56:1 gears.

    1. Hemi torsion bar replaced with lighter weight bars for
    better weight transfer.
    2. Custom fit to floor pan frame connectors.
    3. Adjustable pinion snubber.
    4. Adjustable racing shocks.
    5. New original type Hemi suspension rear leaf springs.
    6. Polygraphite suspension items replacing the original
    This car simply lifts, hooks, and flies down the track straight.

    1. NOS seat material sewn in the original pattern.
    2. Door panels and arm rest are original and are rated 8 out
    of 10 in condition.
    3. New replacement rubber floor mat.
    4. Original factory no radio, and heater delete controls block off
    5. Custom mounted Autometer white face tac, oil, and temp
    6. NOS replacement speedometer.

    1. Original date coded clear glass.
    2. All glass is original INCLUDING the windshield with no
    cracks. When was the last time you saw an original 43
    year old windshield in virgin condition?

    1. This is an all original sheet metal, no accident, California car.
    2. It is not undercoated and all of the virgin under body metal
    can be seen with ease.
    3. When the original, cracked, smelly, rubber floor mat was
    pulled up, it took about 1/2 of the metal in the front floor
    pans with it in a big sheet.The car had leaked at the
    wiper posts (still does) and water had collected in the jute
    backing and rotted the front floor pans at the lowest
    points (where you put your feet) ONLY. This is not visable from under
    the car. I chose to fiberglass mat and resin this area on the inside
    for strength rather than replace the floor pans in this area
    as it is only visable if you pull the rubber floor mat. The
    only other rust on this car is a small amount under the battery tray
    from battery acid leaking.

    What there is on this economy model.
    1. The bumpers have been rechromed.
    2. The grille and surrrounds have been refinished. There is a
    small ding in the left surround from someone recently backing
    into it at a repair shop.
    3. The front and rear windshields trims is very good.
    4. There is one Coronet script that is broken and needs to
    be replaced.

    1. Black steel REAR wheels 15" X 7" with factory chrome
    lug nuts.
    2. New 9" Slicks NHRA stock class legal.
    3. Black steel FRONT wheels 14" X 5" with factory
    chrome lug nuts.
    4. PR205 X14" radial front tires.
    5. Although not shown on the car, I have a very nice set of 4 original
    hub caps for the car that go with it.

    1. Numbers matching title, V.I.N. tag, fender tag, and
    broadcast sheet.
    2. Fender tag and broadcast sheet match the S.O. # on the
    radiator core support.
    3. First title for this car is in my name, "A" box original miles at
    3661 miles.
    4. Original V.I.N. tag indicating model and engine, as does
    the fender tag and the broadcast sheet.
    5. Letter from Chrysler Historical regarding IBM card

    1. The paint is the weak part of this car. I had it repaint on the
    recommendation of several people and the guy turned out NOT to be
    the guy that should have painted the car. There are DA waves in it. It
    is in the paint NOT the metal. The under hood, trunk, and door jams are
    fine, so just the balance of the car needs to be blocked and resprayed.
    I tell you this because it will not show up in the pictures, just trying to
    be honest here as I have nothing to hide about this car.
    2. The dash pad is sun cracked and needs to be replaced.
    3. The steering wheel under the wrap is sun cracked and
    needs to be restored.
    4. The rear wheels need to be drilled and the slicks screwed to keep from
    rotating on the wheels.
    5. Front end alignment and a little tweaking here and there.
    6. New window track felt/cat whiskers

    1. An original Inland shifter handle. Here is a link to a photo bucket web site that host my photo album of this car. The album has scans of the documentation, story of the car, and many detailed pictures."
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