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Ketju osiossa 'Finnish Dart & Valiant Association ry', aloittaja Muki, 12.5.2019.

  1. Muki

    Muki Gearhead

    Liekö osunut kenenkään haaviin, mutta jos pohtii tuontia, tämä saattaisi olla omalla tavallaan erikoinen

    "How rare is this! Between 1965 and 1977 a Spanish version of the Dodge Dart was manufactured in the Barreiros, Villaverde factory in Madrid Spain. Under agreement with Chrysler the Dart was produced as a “Knock down kit” to get round the protectionist Spanish regulations in force at that time. Due to its size, large engine/poor economy (the 3.7 slant six being the largest ever fitted to a Spanish built car and the only 6 cylinder engine to of been Spanish built) and high price, only 17589 units were built across all six variants. The most popular being the diesel engine variants, which while being very underpowered were better on fuel economy. The rarest of the bunch was the “wagon” especially when equipped with the petrol engine, which is what we have here, in stock with our Spanish colleague!
    As you can see in the pictures it has been resprayed in its original colour, the original engine rebuilt and the interior has been retrimed, plus many new mechanical parts have been replaced during its restoration. Now described as “Working perfectly” and with a current Spanish ITV (MOT).

    Please Note: Priced in GBP using an Ex rate of 1.10 to the Euro and located in Northern Spain. Shipping can be arranged so please ask or you can collect directly from the owner in Spain, where it can also be viewed (Apx 100kms from Bilbao)"...

    dart -66 tykkää tästä.

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